Top ten items you need for spring break!

Top ten items you need for spring break!

By Michaela Garretson

Ahhh, it’s finally that time of year– when the snow is starting to melt (well, maybe depending on where you live) and the sun starts to get a little brighter. And best of all? It’s time for a very welcome break from studying and exams! 

Your university or school may only give you a few days or week off, but you can make the most of every second of it! Whether you’re staying local or jet setting around the world, we want you to enjoy this break, make new memories and relax!

We’ve created a list of ten items we believe you need for spring break! 

  1. Coco & Eve Hair Masque 

coco and eve hair mask. Perfect for beach days with Zennor Bikini

Keep your locks luscious and soft with a coconut and fig hair masque. This is Zennor owner and designer Davina’s personal fav! Especially after a long day in the salty ocean, your hair will love the extra TLC and nourishment. 😉

  1. T2 Tea Infuser Tea Bottle

Infuse your tea while on the go! We know early morning flights are hard to wake up for and sometimes you just want to get to the beach as fast as possible, so heat your water, add loose leaf tea, and minimize waiting time by letting the tea infuse on your drive or walk! We love the colors of these stainless steel flasks by T2 Tea (reminds us of our Zennor Mermaids!). 

  1. Birkenstock Sandals

A sturdy pair of footwear can make the difference between a great trip, and a subpar, my-feet-are-in-so-much-pain-I-can’t-walk-anymore trip. We want you to have the best spring break yet, so we can’t stress enough how important proper sandals are. Better yet is a pair of sandals that are comfy – and cute. Davina loves her Birkenstock sandals and wears them on every trip! Zennor Mermaid tested and approved.

  1. Zennor Swimwear of course! 😉 

Zennor Swimwear, seasparkle set

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, kayaking down a river or shredding waves with your girls, Zennor swimwear provides the support and comfort for activities on land and sea. No need to worry about sliding or shifting tops! And did you know our Zennor tops can function as sports bras and bralettes? Wear to yoga or under a cute top (the straps can be adjusted as a cross back or bra style too). With any purchase of our Tribal Elephant products, 10% of the sale will be donated to Save the Elephants, a UK-registered research and conservation charity headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. And with any purchase of our Dancing Whales products, 10% of the sale will be donated to Sea Shepherd, an international, non-profit marine wildlife conservation organization.

  1. Paperchase Refillable Coffee Cup

We’re all for using refillable mugs and cups to reduce our waste impact on the earth and this fun ceramic palm tree take-out cup is a great way to eliminate paper, plastic and styrofoam cups when ordering coffee or making a drink to go. Plus, it’s super cute so we love it! Have you heard about the plastic crisis, especially in our oceans? Read our blog for ways to reduce your plastic consumption

  1. Sunglasses 

ray bans are the perfect beach essential for spring break!

A quality pair of stylish sunnies are a great asset to any outfit (or bikini). Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare by wearing polarized lenses. Ray bans are our go to sunglasses brand!

  1. Coconut oil

coconut oil

You’ve probably heard of the wonders of coconut oil, but do you know all the ways you can use it? View our blog on the benefits of coconut oil to find out more! We suggest bringing a bottle with you to hydrate your sun-soaked skin, lips and hair. 

  1. Sunscreen

Even if you aren’t laying at the beach all day, don’t forget to apply sunscreen! The sun is strong even when the sky is overcast. Protection now will help you years down the road. Be sure to check the ingredients on the sunscreen as some contain the dangerous oxybenzone chemical (that’s harmful to you and the ocean!). We’ve shared about oxybenzone dangers and made a list of safe sunscreens for you!

  1. Good Book or Journal

journal for a Zennor Mermaid holiday

Yea, we know – the last thing you want to do is required reading and writing! But think of this as a time to read the pleasure books you’ve been putting off because you had a Chemistry exam to study for or finance project to finish. This is “you” time so invest in yourself and read that self-help book or that book that will help you reach the career you want! If you’re taking a break from reading, bring a fun journal to document your adventures or write down some personal goals you would like to achieve in the next week, month, or year! For those girls who like writing prompts, look for activity journals (they’re everywhere now!) that encourage reflection, goal setting and thankfulness.

  1. Humble Hilo bag

Bags for vacation

With all these necessary items, plus snacks of course (you don’t want to be #hangry on spring break), you’ll need something to put everything in (unless you’ve perfected carrying a bunch of items in your arms – we’re still working on that). One of Davina’s favorite multi-purpose bags is from Humble Hilo, a handmade Guatemalan textiles company. Each purchase supports families in need and you can choose which projects (nutrition, microfinance or education) your purchase supports. How cool is that?!

Need some travel inspo for your spring break? Check out our post on the Top Ten Mermaid Destinations You Have To Visit. Let us know in the comments below what your spring break plans are!

Have the best spring break ever!

An aspiring journalist and world traveler from Florida. I love to be outdoors, try new things, take pictures, and did I mention I want to travel the world?

Michaela Garretson

Blogger, Florida, USA