Top 10 foods for healthy glowing skin!

Top 10 foods for healthy glowing skin!

Top ten foods for healthy glowing skin!

If your like us we have tried and tested hundreds of skin lotions and potions ranging from facial creams to herbal teas you betcha we have tried it! Having clear skin is always an unpredictable journey, there are so many environmental factors which determine our skins state, its hard to find one product which works!

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We decided to do some research and discovered that healthy glowing skin starts from the inside! Yes Mermaids that right, if your after clear skin you need to start with whats on your plate! Don’t worry chocolate is on the list!

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After much research we discovered that your Gut directly links to acne! A Healthy gut equals healthy skin!

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When the gut lining is irritated, the immune system kicks into high gear, causing inflammation. This can manifest in many ways, and skin irritation aka acne outbreaks is one of them!

Foods which irritate our gut are mainly processed foods, food with high sugar content and alcohol, so try to avoid these foods! We are not saying cut all the nice foods and drinks out in your life, just to have smaller moderate amounts!

Below is a list we created after much research into foods which improve Gut linings and therefore your skins health! We were thrilled to include chocolate on the list! Enjoy!

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Dark chocolate

Oily fish



Sweet potato




Green tea