Discover our inspiration in this latest blog. SS17 New Collection Teaser!

SS17 New Collection Teaser Alert!

Get excited Zennor Mermaids! Our new SS17 collection is nearly here!

‘The Mermaid Chronicles’ collection is flowing with majestic discoveries which we have seen and experienced whilst exploring our beautiful World. 

alyssa in folklore

Every place you wander imprints a memory. The Smells, sights, oceans, people, food and animals collectively create your memory.

These memories live with you forever and remind you of your adventures, igniting the desire to relive them and continue exploring uncharted destinations.

mango bikini

Each print we have created in this collection is our own personal ‘chronicle’ of a magical place we have discovered. From trekking to waterfalls, seeing wild elephants in the jungle, smelling the native flowers of the islands and diving into glittering oceans.

Zennor merbabes

Within our collection you will find your own perfect ‘chronicle’. One which stirs your memories and dreams. A perfect companion as you set out on a voyage of discovery, living out your very own Mermaid Chronicles. Let the adventure begin!

As with all our swimwear, the new collection is 100% seamless, fully reversible and made in Great Britain for superior quality. Stand by for the launch next week. You can sign up at the bottom of this page and we will send you an email alert as soon as it goes live!



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