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The top 10 Mermaid Destinations you have to visit!

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The 10 best Mermaid Destinations that you have to visit!!

Got a case of wanderlust? We sure do! And we’re always looking for new places to explore, discover, and share with friends. Thankfully, we live in a world that’s full of variety everywhere we turn. So grab your bikini, some pals and let’s fulfill that wanderlust! Here are our fav 10 mermaid destinations that you have to visit!

1. Juniper Springs Florida


If you’ve got high sensitivity to cold, you may want to bring a wetsuit. But in the summer, the central Florida heat can be stifling, so this spring will be a nice respite from the humidity! Expect clear waters, and look for small gators (or even bears!) on the nature trails.

 2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands 

mermaid beach

Found in the Bay of Bengal off of India, these islands are GORGEOUS. Honestly, they look like something from a dream! With over 300 islands, you won’t be disappointed. Embark on a sea walk (during which you wear a helmet with a transparent visor and attached breathing tube so you can walk on the sea bed) on Elephant Beach. Gives you one of the best views of corals and sea life!

 3. Cascadas de Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico


The sound of rushing water amidst a forest background? Sounds like paradise right? The waterfalls in Chiapas definitely live up to a description of “paradise.” The water’s beautiful colors range from teal blue to sky blue.

 4. Nice, France

Nice, France

A place where you can bask in the seaside sunshine, while eating a real French croissant? Yep, it doesn’t just exist in your dreams (okay, maybe just my dreams – I have an obsession with croissants), and it’s found in Nice, France. Located on the French Riveria, Nice’s pebble-lined beaches offer a perfect spot for your European summer vacay. Enjoy a relaxing day laying on the beach, and then head over to the town for an evening massage. R&R never sounded better!

 5. Zanzibar, Tanzania

tropical island bay

Head on over to East Africa, and you’ll find Zanzibar Island, or the Spice Island, in lively Tanzania! At low tide, put your discovery glasses on, and search for anemones and starfish. Then, trek through the Jozani Forest to find rare Red Colobus monkeys!

6.Lagoa, Algarve in Portugal

Lagoa, Portugal



Glistening seas visible from up high on rocky ledges? Welcome to Portugal! So magical looking, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a mermaid sighting here!

 7. Havasupai Falls, Arizona

Mermaid waterfall

You may have seen pictures of this insanely beautiful waterfall on Instagram and Pinterest. It’s become a real internet phenomenon over the past few months! You’ll find this place in the Grand Canyon National Park, but only after you walk ten miles to reach it! The Havasupai Tribe resides in this area of the Grand Canyon.

 8. Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

cute penguins!

Cute penguins and the beach? Count us in! These African penguins are sure to provide some excitement for the day!

 9. Great Exuma, Bahamas 

ocean piggies!

While swimming in these crystal-clear waters, you may run into a group of locals – some wild swimming pigs! These pigs are quite photogenic, and you’ll probably get more than a few memorable photos to share! As with all places you travel too, make sure to respect the local wildlife and don’t feed the animals!

 10. Kaputas Beach, near Kalkan, Turkey


Picture a relaxing late-summer day on the Mediterranean. You might have pictured something close in resemblance to enchanting Kaputas Beach. This glistening, secluded paradise may need to be your next travel destination!

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