Mermaid tips for sun damaged hair

Mermaid tips for sun damaged hair

Mermaid tips for sun damaged hair

Zennor Mermaids are ocean dwelling sun seeking adventurers. Sun drenched salty hair is awesome for our Mermaid look but what is really happening to our hair when we are constantly in the sun and salt?

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We caught up with our fav Mermaid hairdresser of all time Katy Hammacott!

Katy hairdressing on Zennor Shoot.

Hey Katy thanks for helping us Zennor Mermaids out! How long have you been working with Hair for?

Hey fellow Zennor Mermaids. I’ve been working with hair since I was 15 years old. Having sun bleached wavy hair myself, I had to learn from a young age how to look after my locks which naturally led me into the industry. In the past I have worked with Toni and Guy for several years and I am now a tutor at Serville’s Academy in Auckland NZ.

What effect does our Mermaid lifestyle have on our Locks?

Well……where do I start! We spend hours in the sea surfing, snorkelling and mermaiding about without much thought for our hair. Most of us don’t wash our hair everyday and when we do its probably the wrong shampoo for our hair and we apply our conditioner incorrectly. Salt dehydrates the hair by drawing out moisture through evaporation, this is the primary cause of brittle and split ends. 

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What can we do to treat it?

First of all we need to look at what we are using to wash and condition our hair. Look at buying a reconstructing range that helps to rebuild and strengthen the hair from the inside out. Always pat your hair dry below you apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair.  Once a week use a masque and leave it on for at least an hour. Make it your ritual. 

What are your fav products to use?

Nothing from the super market! Mass produced shampoos contain silicone and other nasties, which are OK for normal hair that never gets coloured or bleached by the sea. Personally I only buy cruelty free products! So I am stoked for all the companies going that extra mile to look after our animals and our planet. Sukin are budget friendly with a range of shampoo and treatments.  Their skincare is really nice too! But if I’m splurging I will use Angel en provence. Their haircare smells amazing and it’s so good for your hair and feels so luxurious!

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How do we stop hair going straggly? We want thick hair!

By applying Leave in conditioner and oils after washing helps to minimise the stress your hair gets from brushing and tying it up wet. Brushing your hair from the ends up to the roots help to stop breakage. Treat your hair like your skin!

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Hairdressers always say the more you cut your hair the longer its gets? Is this true?

Nope! Cutting off split dry ends instantly makes hair looks thicker healthier and sometimes longer. So if you do this regularly it can look like it’s growing faster. 

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