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How to create a healthy morning routine and its benefits!

How to create a healthy morning routine and its benefits!

By Michaela Garretson

The perfect morning might look something like this: you wake up after a full 8-10 hours of sleep feeling rested and ready to take on the day, you eat a balanced meal and then begin your favourite form of relaxation (whether that’s reading a book, heading to the gym, surfing, etc.).

As magical as this type of day sounds, reality tends to make these types of days difficult, if not rare altogether. After factoring in work, school or family commitments, it’s not uncommon to be hitting snooze on that alarm (several times), scrambling around the kitchen for a quick bite to eat, and hoping you don’t run into any red lights on your way to work because you’re already running late.

With all the other noise around you (and all those social media feeds you like to scroll through in the morning), how can you possibly create a morning routine that doesn’t add more stress or tasks to your already busy life?

Consider adding these steps to make your morning stress-free, energizing and healthy:

  • Declutter Your Room the night before

morning routine

You know that amazing feeling when you’ve completed your to-do list, and your room is organized? Keep that feeling by decluttering your room before you go to sleep. Move that messy stack of papers off your desk, put your dirty clothes in a pile, fold your clean laundry and put away your shoes/purses/toiletries. Waking up to a clean room will reduce stress, leaving you time and energy to get yourself ready for the day ahead!

  • Meal Prep the day or weekend before (ex. Sunday evening):

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This is key to hassle-free mornings! When you’re stressed or running late for work, it’s easy to grab a processed pre-made snack or sugary pastry from the coffee shop. By preparing meals ahead of time, you don’t need to spend every morning thinking of what to eat for breakfast or pack for lunch. Need some healthy ideas? Check out this article on 20 healthy recipes for meal prepping.

  • Drink a glass of water after waking up

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Leave it by your bedside or on your bathroom counter the night before so you remember! This gets your body hydrated, helps your metabolism function and preps it for the day. If you prefer hot drinks in the morning, boil a pot of water, remove from heat and add lemon and/or honey. 

  • Stretch!

morning routine

Your body has been resting for the past few hours, so get the blood flowing with some simple stretches, or a light yoga flow. Search ‘Morning Yoga’ on YouTube and you’ll have plenty of yoga flows to practice.

  • Apply Sunscreen! Mermaids heading to the beach know to put that sunscreen on, but did you know that you should be applying sunscreen daily, especially to your face? Look for oxybenzone-free (and reef-safe) sunscreens, and if you apply makeup daily, look for moisturizers containing SPF. 
  • Restrict Social Media 

morning routine

Raise your hand if you check your phone first thing in the morning?! We’re guilty! If checking your phone becomes a problem, making you late to work or interfering with breakfast/time with family or friends, give yourself time limits and make sure to follow them! Try setting aside only 10 minutes in the morning, and then allow yourself a longer period at your lunch break or in the evening. Social media can wait – don’t let it interrupt your morning routine! 

Morning routines just take time to develop (and maybe some trial and error at first), but the benefits of a regular routine can positively impact your health.

Do you follow a morning routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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Michaela Garretson

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