DIY Mermaid Christmas!

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DIY Mermaid Christmas Ideas

As seems to be the tendency each year, the holidays approach faster and faster. At Zennor, we’re always looking to show our mermaid love throughout every part of the year – even when it may be freezing and snowing outside! 

So we’ve put together a fun – and colourful – list of mermaid-inspired gifts and decorations to enhance your Christmas holidays! Best of all, these are do-it-yourself crafts, so they are a perfect activity for a girl’s night.

Some of our Zennor mermaids live in tropical weather all year long, while other mermaids are expecting snow on Christmas. No matter your location, it’s possible to combine your love of all things beachy with the holidays. These DIY projects will help boost your festive mermaid vibes.


Mermaid Candy Bark:

Now this is some major eye candy. Imagine showing up to a holiday party with a tray of colorful mermaid candy bark. It’s a fun, creative take on the traditional peppermint candy bark yet perfectly fits the mermaid trend. And it contains coconut extract, one of the definitive scents of the beach. Don’t be surprised if your sweet treat is the talk of the party. One of the best parts? This recipe is super convenient for when you get a last-minute invite to a party or if you have a busy schedule. With few ingredients, and seven steps, the entire process is a breeze. Find the full recipe (and a helpful instruction video) on Rosyscription.



Themed Christmas tree decorations have become popular over the years…and one of our favorites is a beach theme (think starfish, dolphin and coral ornaments on a blue or white tree). Whether you have a themed tree or not, you can easily sprinkle some dreamy accents with these mermaid and unicorn ornaments that we are crushing on!

  • Indigo Marbled Ornaments

Grab your dark blue nail polish and a few white glass ornaments, and you’re on your way to making these stunning marbled ornaments from Alice & Lois. In just minutes, you can make enough ornaments for your tree or as gifts! Use different coloured nail polish to create your own unique designs. 

  • Unicorn

Your Christmas tree will reach new whimsical levels with the cutest unicorn ornament ever. Fine glitter adds a sparkling touch, but the flower crown and twisted horn complete the adorable look. 

  • Nautical 

Make your tree decorations even more beachy with these nautical ornaments. Use colored glass balls or small fishbowls and knotted twine (leave enough string for making a loop to hang the ornament). See more inspiration at Craftberry Bush.

Sea shell tree:

Simplistic and dainty, this tree is sure to add to your mermaid aesthetic – and make your desk more inviting (to finish wrapping your holiday gifts on of course!). Gather some pieces of driftwood (or purchase at your craft store/website) and tie together with twine (see picture). Then, attach string to shells of various sizes and types. The string can be glued to the back of the shell, or you can pierce a hole through the shell, then loop and tie the string. And don’t forget the tree topper! Glue a starfish to the top and place the tree in a bowl of shells. Done. How easy was that?!


Mermaid Sugar Scrub

Your friends will love receiving a jar of this multi-colored mermaid sugar scrub from Love Vividly. The smell of coconut and sugar will certainly transport them to a beachy paradise state-of-mind.

Water Marble Mugs

For all your coffee and tea drinking friends, this can be your go-to gift. Only two ingredients (and two minutes of your time) and you’ll have a beautiful marble mug! Because of the marbling technique, each mug’s design will be totally unique. Stuff with tea bags or a bag of coffee for an additional treat.

Sea Shell Printed Towels

Have a friend moving into her first apartment or dorm room? Or looking for a gift for your Mum? These sea shell print towels are a perfect accent to every beach-obsessed friend and family member in your life. First, pick some of your favourite sea shells (or use a sea shell stamp if you have one). Use a paintbrush and fabric paint to coat the outside of the shell. Then, press a towel firmly over the entire shell and let dry. See more directions here.

Mermaid Tail Stocking

Pull out your sewing machine and pick your favorite fabric patterns and colors. This mermaid tail Christmas stocking will look great next to your other beachy decorations and surely make a statement. Have fun creating personalized designs with glittery, metallic, or fuzzy fabrics. 

Let us know if you try making any of these DIY crafts! We want to see your pictures – use the hashtag #ZennorChristmas.