Create your own Zen Den!

Create your own Zen Den!

Create your own Zen Den!

If your on Instagram as much as we are you have definitely seen those dreamy posts of the most cutest tranquil looking spaces, also know as a Zen Den!

zen den


Life can get stressful and exhausting at times and its important to have a space to unwind from the daily grind and get inspired! We think even if you spend 20mins in your Zen Den each day you will find your energy levels are boosted!

zen den

We thought its about time we made one and it really is so so easy!

Things you need

Sarong or white lightweight blanket

Fairy lights


Scented Oil burner

Hammock (optional)



Succulents (optional)

Music or reading material

Comfy Clothes!

zen den

Places which are perfect for a Zen Den

A corner in your room

On your window bench

In the garden under a tree

Summer house

The Beach

Get creative Zennor Mermaids! You can style your Zen Den however you like! For more inspo head over to Pinterest!