3 steps to smashing your goals in 2017!

3 steps to smashing your goals in 2017!

3 steps to smashing your goals in 2017.

Happy New Year Zennor Mermaids! This time of year is always a time to reflect! A time to reflect on the past years highlights and lowlights and time to plan for 2017! Here at Zennor Bikini our new years resolutions are to keep making eye catching, one of a kind Mermaid Bikinis for all our Zennor Mermaids whilst giving the best customer service physically possible! 

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new year resolutions

Individually we asked around Zennor HQ and these are the most common resolutions we came across;

Go on more adventures.

Spend more quality time with family and friends.

Drink more water.

Drink less coffee.

Eat super healthy.

Exercise more.

Surf more.

Stop endless scrolling before bed and when we wake up.

Save up for Mermaid adventures.

Writing lists of things that need to change or things you want to do is awesome! But sometimes those goals can be hard to achieve and we end up beating ourselves up about it!

So based on our experiences here at Zennor HQ we have put together 3 steps to creating achievable goals for 2017.

Set the bar high but be realistic.

Make a small list, around 2 or 3 goals! Keeping a short list of goals with mean you can stay super focused! When setting your goals make sure they are achievable! For example if you want to workout more, try starting slow with 2-3 times a week and increase on that if you have time. Starting out going hard every day may mean you burn out and throw in the towel early on in the year. 

Check in on yourself on a monthly basis.

The best way to keep on track with your 2017 goals is checking in on yourself every month. Call it a ‘me date’! This way you can figure out whether you are achieving your goals or whether you need to adjust them to a more achievable level. For example if you drink coffee everyday and go cold turkey you might find that a little too much, try having a coffee every other day and phase them out gradually.

Treat yourself when your on target.

Treat days are what we live for! If you’re sticking to your goals and smashing it make sure you give your self some treats. We always love a food based treat, so arrange something fun like a meal out with your besties or a weekend away! For us theres nothing better then a surf in the ocean with friends followed by a cosy takeaway and movie!

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