12 ways to spread Joy this Christmas!

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Kate Osborne

Blogger, Dorset, UK

Christmas is a happy, magical time that most people look forward to, but this isn’t the case for everyone. So here are a few suggestions for all our lovely Zennor mermaids to help spread a little cheer this festive season…

Give your time. Time is precious to us all and that makes it one of the greatest gifts you can give. Offer to help someone you know move house, baby sit a sibling/the neighbour’s kid, walk the family dog or anything that you feel comfortable doing to make someone else’s day a little easier. 

Get crafty! Handmade gifts, baking cookies or making tree decorations is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and give meaningful gifts without breaking the bank! Make a batch of cookies and take them round to your neighbour or give them to friends. For more ideas, check out our Mermaid DIY Christmas blog.

Helping those less fortunate. Helping others makes you feel good, whilst spreading the positive vibes even further afield. You can do this by volunteering at a local soup kitchen/homeless drop in, a food bank, a nursing or residential home, delivering meals to elderly relatives and friends who are house bound or less mobile, or just popping in to say hello to someone who may be lonely or going through a tough time and in need of a chat! You could also organise a Christmas jumper day at school/college/work and donate the proceeds to your chosen charity.

Recycle. Clear out your closet, ready for next years trends and donate clothes you no longer wear to your local charity, or donate unwanted toys to a local children’s hospital or hospice. 

Smile. The easiest and cheapest thing you can do to brighten up someone else’s day. It seems an unnecessary thing to list, but a simple, genuine smile is a small thing we can all do each day to spread the love and joy a long way. 

Caroling. Gather friends and family, or the local neighbourhood together for a good sing-a-long. It may feel a bit cringe and awkward at first, but give it a go, and you might be surprised at how much the event is enjoyed by all.

Decorate a tree and your house. As well as getting you and your family in the mood, any visitors will get a sprinkle of your festive cheer and they’ll leave feeling much more Christmassy.

Christmas party/gathering! We all love a good party and a catch up, so get your pals together and get excited for the big day. Try a Christmas movie afternoon in your pyjamas, or make a gingerbread house together, whatever you and your friends fancy, make it fun and festive.

Put up with your relatives for just one day! Whether it’s your brother hogging the remote, or your Nan snoring on the sofa after the Christmas dinner, love each and every one of your nearest and dearest for who they are and what qualities they bring to your life. Talk, learn, play games, laugh and love. You never know what’s around the corner.

Exercise. Take some time for you to exercise and recharge. Good for any mermaid’s body, mind and soul. Exercise will help keep you in good spirits when cabin fever hits peak. 

Show you care.  Make someone a hot drink; or even easier, just tell them you love and appreciate them. A simple “you’re the best” can really make a bad day better. 

Build bridges. This won’t be for everyone, but if you need to say sorry to someone you’ve annoyed or upset, send a sparkly Christmas card, ping a festive text, or tell them in person. Christmas is the perfect time for reaching out and reconnecting.

Wishing all our Zennor Mermaids a Merry Mermaid Christmas! XOX